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Famous people and celebrities with Asperger’s syndrome

This blog is continued from the blog series part 4

Many individuals with symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome have become successful. The following is a small list famous people and celebrities who may have had Asperger’s Syndrome.

Albert Einstein:

He is a Nobel Prize Winner, who discovered the theory of relativity and researched the photoelectric effect. He could not speak fluently at the age of nine. He was also noted to demonstrate odd behaviors such as not attending a ceremony wihtout socks and seemed lost in his own world.

John Q. Adams:

He is the 6th President of the United States. He was known for some odd behaviors such as skinny dipping in the Potomac on his seventy-nineth birthday.

Leonardo da Vinci:

Renown Renaissance Artist. He showed characteristics of Asperger’s due to his perfectionistic tendencies. He took twelve years to paint the Mona Lisa’s lips.

Bill Gates:

Founder of Microsoft Computers. He has long been suspected of demonstrating Asperger’s due to his social awkwardness.

Marilyn Monroe:

Legendary actress, who was believed to have a history of emotional instability, depression, and suicide.

Virginia Woolf

Famous author who suffered from depression, social isolation, and eccentricities.

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  2. Bruno says:

    I think the list of people with possible Asperger syndroma may be bigger: include physicist Robert Oppenheimer [creator of the atomic bomb], several classical music conductors, like Wilhelm Furtwangler and Herbert von Karajan, and politicians like George W Bush and Adolf Hitler. Also add Nazi propaganda minister Dr Joseph Goebbels. What do you think?

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