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5 ways to increase energy naturally


Sometimes I want energy, but I don’t want to have to go to a gym or go get energy bars. These are the 4 ways that have worked for me.

  1. Walking

    I usually like to walk in the morning for about 15 minutes and also after dinner. I enjoy different paths to disrupt monotony and also stay away from busy streets. Sometimes I feel particularly lazy so it helps to have my walking partners for motivational support. AARP and Medicine Net both have information related to the benefits of walking.

  2. Meditation

    I usually like to close my eyes and take deep breaths to relax. I feel my whole body relaxing and then I try to clear my mind of any voices. This is hard to do because your mind will naturally try to focus on little things like “oh the bird is chirping, am I relaxed?, have to quiet the mind, etc.” I am still training to let the thoughts go. The split seconds that I have achieved complete silence is very rewarding and rejuvenating. Zen habits has a great article on Meditation for beginners

  3. Deskercises

    If you work in front of the computer a lot or have a desk job, this is particularly applicable. Your neck could start to crank up, your eyes might feel dry and tired, etc. If you are at a company, it is important to look for resources that can help keep you healthy. These include stretch exercises like the one outlined in
    University of California website .

  4. Adequate sleep/ power naps

    I usually try to sleep 7-8 hours at the same time every night. Right before I go to bed, I don’t eat foods or drink caffeine.

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