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5 signs of a bad social worker- (a humorous take)

  1. When they talk about themselves and aren’t listening to you

    The sessions are not about the social worker, it is about the client! However social workers are humans too. There are unfortunately, as with all professions, social workers that don’t act professionally.

  2. When they just give out resources and don’t explain anything

    Social workers do more than give out resources and letting the client handle it. Although many social workers empower their clients, they also advocate for the clients, counsel them through difficult times, and give them the right tools.

  3. When they don’t have a BSW or MSW or LCSW

    Yes degrees are not everything, but it can serve as a baseline to see whether one has a general set of skills needed to be a good social worker. Caution: Just because they have an LCSW doesn’t make them better than an MSW, either. As with any profession, there are rotten eggs.

  4. When they’ve switched jobs multiple times

    Of course, many social workers switch jobs and that is appropriate because it is a “burn-out” profession. However, it is of concern when they have been switching jobs due to getting fired, doing something illegal, etc.

  5. When they have malpractice lawsuits

    Just as you don’t want a doctor with a record of malpractice lawsuits, you don’t want a social worker with that record either. After all we are talking about your precious brain and thoughts.

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  1. f b says:

    Social workers are some of the sickest people around. If I had it my way, I will a law pass that requires all practicing social workers, tested for drugs and other substance abuse in order to remain working in their profession. I came across too many of them who are bios towards clients who where remaining on drugs and alcohol.

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